Installing the Li-Po battery, by Projector Streetshop

DIY vid for the installation procedure I did to upgrade to a li-po battery with the Loopstyler. Plus reassembly with the laser etched enclosure case with a custom design made for gripping hand-held, now that it no longer needs the USB port for power supply.

Cactus Patch, by Projector Streetshop

Demo of patches made with custom samples played at random on the Loopstyler.

Champagne Patches, Euclidean Dreams, by Projector Streetshop

A demonstration of how to import custom samples and create new patches. Check the description on YouTube for links to the resources used and created.

Demo the reptilian forces, by Projector Streetshop

This is the brand new LOOPSTYLER by Phonicbloom/Gechologic, perhaps even the very first video from an owner of the pre-order! I had to reupload for reason explained in the new video. This Loopstyler is running (v1 firmware) there is an firmware update in the works but it is ready to use in so many ways. Rather just a quick "walk in the park" with some of the basics just barely learned after a few hours of receiving the package delivery. So much in this tiny sound machine. More to come.
I made this video independently to showcase one of the absolute most functional and unique pieces of music gear in the $200 price range. It is audio magic...