Expansion Board - Bill of Material

RefValueMfg. Part NumberQuantity
C110uF, 16V, X5RGRM188R61C106KAALD1
C2-C31uF, 16V, X5RC0603C105K4PAC78672
C4-C11220nF, 16V, X5RCC0603KRX5R7BB2248
R1-R251R, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-0751RL2
R3-R4220R, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-07220RL2
R5-R202k2, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-072K2L16
R214k7, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-074K7L1
R22100k, 1%, 1/10WRC0603FR-07100KL1
L1Ferrite Bead 120 Ohm @ 100MHz, 200mABLM18TG121TN1D1
IC1-IC28 Channel Capacitive Touch Sensor with 8 LED DriversCAP11882
IC3Logic Output Optoisolator 20MBd Open Collector 3750VrmsTLP23681
IC42x3W Class D Audio Amplifier 2.5 to 6V 8mA 24dBPAM8408DR1
CN4Micro SD 8 Pin PCB Gold Memory Card Connector11400841681
SW1DPDT SMT 0.3A Slide SwitchJS202011SCQN1
LD1-LD16LED Red ClearLTST-C171KRKT16

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