Connecting the 2xAAA holder

If you are happy with the standard powering scheme, which we use in "complete" whales, it is very easy to wire your kit.

You need to connect red wire to AAA+ pad and black wire to BAT- pad:

The third pad BAT+ is for Li-Po battery, as explained here. The smaller pads VDD and GND, are stabilized power out after the voltage booster. By default it outputs 2.8V but can be easily reconfigured for 3.3V operation.

Depending on what enclosure you are going to use, you may want to let the wires through one of the holes, so the joints do not get weakened over time and tear off easily when moving the holder around. The silicone keypad has a groove that will allow the wires to pass under it smoothly.

And that's it! :)

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to discuss on the forum, in the ESP32 Development category.

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