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Polyphonic Whale

Glo works by collecting all surrounding noises, pleasant or annoying, and wrapping them in a beautiful ambient track, which you can interact with in many ways.

First, pick a channel to set the background rhythm. Then sing, tap, hum, go for a walk in a busy city, coastline or a forest full of singing birds - using Glo's sensors and musical algorithms to interact with it all.

Feel the vibes of Mother Earth.

wooden finish
battery opperated
12 channels
sensitive microphones

How it works

Polyphonic Whale has very sensitive microphones able to pick up the faintest noise. Environmental sounds instantly mix with an organic background tune, resulting in beautiful ambient music.

Choose from various channels, each with a unique sound texture inspired by nature.

No sharp pixels

We designed Pocket Whale without any screen - good for you and your children's eyes - while keeping it highly interactive.

There is just one button to switch it on and select your channel, and two more to adjust volume levels in your headphones. Using a 3‑way motion sensor and a pair of sensitive microphones, it creates musical soundscapes that change and morph as you move Glo through the air.

Pick a channel

Every channel is set up with a different background texture and rhythm that interact with sounds around you in a different way. To switch between them, simply press the ON button repeatedly.

The channels have been created to aid relaxation, hear nature or the city in a fun new way, or to help you find a place of inner peace. Interaction with this special kind of music helps you to improve focus, concentration and cognitive skills in an easy way.

It is an amazing feast for your brain, very creative and almost therapeutic experience.

Go for a walk.

Pocket Whale is battery operated and small enough to be with you everywhere you go. Explore the world in a new, amazing way.

The Glo experience is totally different to passively listening to music. You are the part of the composition, where the people, things, animals and elements around you are the performers.

Glo can be your calming companion when the noise of the city is stressing you out or distracting you from your work.

Mood Channels

There are four basic soundscapes or "channels". Each one has a different rhythm and background texture, inspired by one of the elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Forest with birds, howling wind, murmuring creek and a pleasant crackling of the fireplace. A musical theatre, designed to invoke different emotions.

Smart Motion Algorithm

Whale is aware of its orientation in 3D space. To make your track even more interesting, variations are introduced, depending on roll, yaw and pitch.

Eco Design

The case is made from a combination of maple and American chestnut wood with an eco-friendly beeswax finish. No need to worry if your toddler chews on it - it's both durable and non-toxic.

Mini Synthesizer

In the heart of the whale ticks a powerful dual‑core signal processor, as found in many digital synthesizers. We also included a dedicated high quality, low noise audio chip to handle inputs and outputs to ensure nothing is lost when Glo sings.

Intuitive Usage

It is very easy to grasp the controls and understand how different movements translate to sound effects and variations. You don't need to be a musician to play it, you will be in a full control of the soundscape in no time, however the mighty whale may have a surprise for you here and there.

Pocket Size

It is as tiny as two batteries allow. Fits into your pocket comfortably, however you will be tempted to drag it out of there very often! :)

Extra sound

Apart from the four elements-inspired channels, we are implementing a few experimental sound engines. This might be interesting for you if you compose music or enjoy taking field recordings. Full bypass mode is available too, use the whale as a sensitive stereo microphone.


Binaural beats

To make the interaction with Glo more therapeutic, we added binaural beats to help achieve deeper meditation. They are proven to reduce stress, increase confidence, improve quality of sleep and mood in general.



Stimulate your brain

If you want to give your brain a special treat, enable the binaural beats mode by holding the 'ON' button for 4 seconds.
We recommend you use this option sitting or lying down with your eyes closed. Do not overdo it if you are just starting, it is quite a workout for your brain and you need to give it time to adapt. Just 10 minutes is enough in the beginning. To switch back to the normal mode, just press the 'ON' button once again.


The Polyphonic Whale

We are working on an upgraded model, which will have a line input and optical sensor.

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Glo, The Polyphonic Whale

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